brunette-w-lipglossbrushACCOMPLISHED GODDESS GIRL
Claudia Jordan, once a model for Lip Goddess Cosmetics, has inspired many by not only being a success in the entertainment industry, but also through being an individual with a very charitable heart.  When she appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, where each contestant raises funds for a charity of their choice, Claudia chose the NAPSAC Foundation. This organization is significant in that it works to end the cycle of sexual abuse while bringing healing to victims and supporting their future. Since then, Claudia has continued her journey as an influential public figure, doing her part to give back. LIKE CLAUDIA, YOU TOO CAN BE A FEATURED GODDESS GIRL! Enter here for the chance to share your cause with the world...


AJ - Spokesperson - LA


Meet AJ, a spokesmodel who has appeared on various television shows, including NBC Primetime's Deal Or No Deal & The Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Beautiful inside and out, AJ radiates her true passion for giving back to others by supporting organizations like Beauty Board promoting the idea of beauty being accessible to all and The Humane Society, as she is an animal lover at heart. In all her doings, AJ uses her talents to make the world a better place.


Lauren - Fitness & Wellness Expert - LA

Meet Lauren, a champion of fitness and a health & wellness expert. Passionate about empowering people to lead healthier lives through proper nutrition, Lauren has created the widely popular blog, Lima Bean Lifestyle, which features her "guiltless pleasures." Featured as an Ambassador to the NOW Mission, Lauren's approachable and collaborative spirit has not only inspired countless Los Angeles residents to embark on long-term health & fitness goals, but Lauren is making a difference in the world by bringing betterment to nutrition on a global scale.


Sherrie - Financial Analyst - London VOTE NOW

Meet Sherrie, a passionate entrepreneur with a love for business and a dedication to exploring her ideas. She has been fortunate enough to travel extensively and live on four different continents — these experiences have given her great perspective to what’s most important: giving to others. Currently, Sherrie is pursuing a PhD in Business Management while working as a Financial Analyst for Hendex London. She truly believes in the idea of lifelong learning -- taking on new projects and furthering the path of personal development. Committed to the International Children’s Development Trust, Sherrie's charity of choice is education is children.